Difficult times - new ideas

The directorate of GIEFF e.V. decided to conduct GIEFF 2020 in an online version.

The whole team works intensively to put up the corresonding facilities.

The new programme of GIEFFonline is now published. Programme as pdf.

Here you find the Catalogue of this year's festival.

GIEFFonline offers two possibilities to see films:

  • In the GIEFF-Mediathek you find the films. The order follows the online programme.
    one an see the films at any time starting May 13 at 8 am and ending May 27 at 11 pm.
  • GIEFF-Streaming (ended now) offers the opportunity to see the films according to the programme.
    After each morning, afternoon and evening screening a Q&A session follows. 

You have also a possibility to leave a comment or question concerning a film, which we plan to incorporate in the corresponsing Q&A session.

Please have in mind, that GIEFFonline is an experiment. Specially during the screening there might been some breakdowns.



How to take part in the online-GIEFF

You have to register first. Registration is closed now.

You will receive a username and a password probably shortly before the festival. 

Then you can login at the top of the page and you will see the online programmme and the list of films which can be seen online.

You can see a streaming of the films during the festival time: May 13-17, 2020.

Afterwads they are stil in the GIEFF-Mediathek.

For more information please send us an E-mail: info[at]gieff.de